The Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) launched a new sport-prototype category in 2015 – named LM P3. This category makes it easier to access endurance racing as it has fewer budgetary, technical, driving and operational constraints than the LM P2, all the while benefitting from great safety. Six manufacturers were chosen to build the chassis, which is mandatorily closed – Ginetta, Onroak Automotive for the Ligier brand, Adess, Dome, Riley, and Norma – and one unique powertrain made up of the Nissan V8 atmospheric engine with 420 horsepower and an X-trac gearbox.


Presented in June 2015, the Ligier JS P3 has seen success from its very first moments on track. In 2016 and 2017, numerous titles were won by various teams that entered the Ligier JS P3, namely two LM P3 tiles in the Asian Le Mans Series, two Asian Le Mans Sprint Cup titles, two LMP3 titles in the ELMS, one LM P3 title in the IMSA Prototype Challenge, as well as a LM P3 title in the VdeV.